SUGAR is a new generation homeware goods for the needs and benefits of individuals who are and would be associated with SUGAR. SUGAR is into providing stainless steel tiffins, bottles and lunchboxes. SUGAR is into developing products looking into different needs of clients and plans to provide the users with satisfaction of their requirements giving them pleasure being part of and using SUGAR goods.


SUGAR is the vision of our core team to provide user with goods which resemble the love that a mom packs for their child , a spouse for their better half, a pack of happiness opened in a lunch break in schools and offices. At SUGAR we believe to develop products as well as emotions. Our goal is to provide quality products and spread happiness as well as solve the needs of individuals.

We at SUGAR have defined our business with outlines upon which our business would grow. These outlines are our key pillars upon which we are to build SUGAR.

1.Love & Care

2.Environment friendly